ECF National Events

North v South

The historic North v South match took place on Saturday 5th September between North and South teams on

The match was played over 108 boards with the North team winning the event making the score 2-1 to the South across the three matches – 1893, 1894 and 2020. You can find a full match report here:

North v South Match Report

English Online Counties

An ECF English Counties championship is being played online for the first time after more than 100 years of the OTB events which started in 1908.

The inaugural Online Championships are being organised by Mark Murrell and Matt Perry. The Championships started on Saturday 6th June with a preliminary round of familiarisation matches played under competition conditions and governed by the Competition Rules and the Online Fair Play and Anti-Cheating Rules.

22 Counties (23 teams) entered the Open, which has been seeded into two Divisions from which teams qualify into the Championships knockout stage. There is also a 9 team Division with a player rating/grading cap of 1825/150 for qualification into the U1825 Championships.

More information including county contacts for interested players can be found on the ECF LMS for the competition, and the Competition club on, where there are a series of help articles in the  activity section.

Matches are played on Saturday evenings at 6:30pm at a rate of G60|15″ The Divisional Group matches run from 13th June to 25th July inclusive. ECF members and supporters who meet the eligibility criteria for one of the entered teams can still sign up with their county organiser (details on the ECF LMS front page).

The Finals are taking place on Friday 22nd August starting at 6.30 pm with details and viewing instructions at the page below: English Counties Viewing

English Online National Clubs Championships

The Online National Clubs Championships was held over the weekend of 26th – 28th June. The event was organised by Stephen Greep with Douglas Vleeshhouwer as Chief Arbiter and Fair Play Controller and follows the format for the OTB National Clubs Event. The Championships was run as an online event with 5 rounds on Further details can be found here:

English National Clubs Championships

English Online Blitz Championships

The English Online Blitz Championships were held in May 2020 with a group stage on 9th May and the Finals on 16th May. You can find further details of the event and final standings here:

ECF English Marathon – Checkmate Covid-19

The ECF English Marathon ran from 5pm on Saturday May 23rd to 5 pm on Sunday May 24th. The event was in 24 hour Arena format and there were a total of 459 players taking part at one point or another. There were numerous streamers including GM Matthew Sadler with WFM Natasha Regan, GM Simon Williams, GM Gawain Jones, WFM Maria Emelianova and IM Thomas Rendle.  The finish was quite something to see with the result going down to the wire in the last few minutes, with FM Harry Grieve just edging out GM Danny Gormally for top spot by 517 points to 516. Further details can be found at:

ECF checkmate-covid-19

The tournament results can be found at:

Congratulations to the winners, many thanks to all who took part and also to those who donated, and of course to the organiser Danny Rosenbaum. I am very pleased to say that the event raised more than  £10,000 for the British Red Cross.