Play online chess for English teams in International Events.

The ECF endorses and/ or organises England teams taking part in online International events including league events and one off matches. Internationals

Nations League

The ECF members club is a founder member of the Nations league.

You can find further details on the Nations League page here:

Nations League

and the full set of England matches with individual games on the ECF members club matches page here:

European and World Leagues

We are also taking part in the Live Chess European and World League where we field an England Team from the ECF open club with support from Team England Live.

The Live Chess European League (Season 3) ,

and the Live Chess World League (Season 9)

We also endorse the Team England club for daily events in the relevant daily leagues.

lichess Internationals

We are currently taking part in four leagues or series on lichess as follows:

Bundesliga/ Quarantane League (Sunday and Thursday Evenings at 7-00 pm)

The lichess English Chess Players team takes part in the Quarantane League on Sunday and Thursday. This is a league with tens of divisions each consisting of 10 teams. Team battles are played at 3 | 2 time control with the top 3 team from each event moving up a division and bottom three moving down after each match. We are currently in division 5.

lichess Bundesliga

Liga Ibera/ Torres de Loule League (Sunday at 3-30 pm)


This is a Spanish based league which runs on Sunday afternoons with 3 Divisions. We are currently in Div 1 which includes the top 20 teams with the bottom 6 relegated each week. Div2 is based on 30 teams with the top 6 promoted and bottom 10 relegated. Divi 3 then includes 30 Teams with the top 10 teams promoted.

Further details and schedules at the link here:

Champions League (Tuesday evening at 6.30 pm)

We also take part in the weekly Champions league which is a 2 hour Team Battle Arena at 6.30 pm on Tuesdays.

This is a 3|0 Arena with about 40 National teams and 15 leaders.

Lichess Mega Team Battles

These are official lichess events which take place at 5-00 pm on Friday afternoons with around 200 teams . The team battle lasts for 2 hours at 3|2 or 3|0. Further details at the link here:

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