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lichess England Chess Players Team Events

We are currently taking part in four leagues or series on lichess as follows:

Bundesliga (Sunday and Thursday Evenings at 7-00 pm)

The lichess English Chess Players team takes part in the Quarantane League on Sunday and Thursday. This is a league with tens of divisions each consisting of 10 teams. Team battles are played at 3 | 2 time control with the top 3 team from each event moving up a division and bottom three moving down after each match. We are currently in division 5.

lichess Bundesliga

Liga Ibera / Torres de Loule (Sunday Afternoons at 3-30 pm)


This is a Spanish based league which runs on Sunday afternoons with 3 Divisions. We are currently in Div 1 which includes the top 20 teams with the bottom 6 relegated each week. Div2 is based on 30 teams with the top 6 promoted and bottom 10 relegated. Divi 3 then includes 30 Teams with the top 10 teams promoted.

Further details and schedules at the link here:

Champions League (Tuesday evening at 6.30 pm)

We also take part in the weekly Champions league which is a 2 hour Team Battle Arena at 6.30 pm on Tuesdays.

This is a 3|0 Arena with about 40 National teams and 15 leaders.

Lichess Mega A Team Battles (Fridays fortnightly at 5 pm)

These are official lichess events which take place at 5-00 pm on Friday afternoons with around 200 teams . The team battle lasts for 2 hours at 3|2 or 3|0. Further details at the link here:

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