Play in Club Events

ECF Clubs

You can play in upcoming club events by logging in to your provider account and going to the relevant club home page on and/ or which can be found here:

Current Tournament Schedule (from Jan 2020) – The current schedule is as follows:

Event Start Time Time Control Platform
Monday Afternoon Blitz 2-00 pm 5|2 lichess
Wednesday Evening Blitz 7-30 pm 3|2 lichess
Thursday Afternoon Rapid 2-00 pm 15|10
Friday Evening Slow Blitz 8-00 pm 10|0
Saturday Evening Slow Blitz 8-00 pm 10|0 lichess
Sunday Evening Rapid 7-30 pm 15|10

This Week’s Club Events

Events for this week are as follows:

Friday Evening Slow Blitz @ ECF Online – May 29 @ 8:00 pm on | 90 Minute Arena Format, 15|10

Saturday Evening Slow Blitz @ ECF Online – May 30 @ 9:10 pm on | 6 Round Swiss Format, 10|0

Sunday Evening Rapid @ ECF Online – May 31 @ 7:30 pm On | 4 round Swiss tournament, 15 | 10

Monday Afternoon 5 Round Swiss Blitz @ ECF Online – June 1 @ 2:00 pm On | 90 Minute Arena Format 5 | 2

Wednesday Evening Blitz @ ECF Online – June 3 @ 7:30 pm On | 9 round Swiss Format 3 | 2

Thursday Afternoon Slow Blitz @ ECF Online – June 4 @ 2:00 pm On | 11 Rounds Swiss 3|2

All events are ECF online rated with ratings published in the monthly lists. ECF online ratings are completely separate from OTB grades which are not impacted.

ECF English Marathon – Checkmate Covid-19

The ECF English Marathon ran from 5pm on Saturday May 23rd to 5 pm on Sunday May 24th. The event was in 24 hour Arena format and there were a total of 459 players taking part at one point or another. There were numerous streamers including GM Matthew Sadler with WFM Natasha Regan, GM Simon Williams, GM Gawain Jones, WFM Maria Emelianova and IM Thomas Rendle.  The finish was quite something to see with the result going down to the wire in the last few minutes, with FM Harry Grieve just edging out GM Danny Gormally for top spot by 517 points to 516. Further details can be found at:

The prize-winners will be contacted soon and the tournament results can be found at:

Congratulations to the winners, many thanks to all who took part and also to those who donated, and of course to the organiser Danny Rosenbaum. I am very pleased to say that the event raised more than  £10,000 for the British Red Cross.

National Championships

You can find further details of the recently completed English Online Blitz Champtionships here.

The English Online Blitz has been very successful and we will be organising further National Championships at Bullet and Rapid Time controls during the late Spring / Summer of this year.