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ECF Clubs

You can play in upcoming club events by logging in to your provider account and going to the relevant club home page on and/ or which can be found here:

Weekly Club Events

We are currently running 7 online club tournaments per week, with 4 on and 3 on lichess. ECF Clubs also take part in International Team Matches on and lichess. Events for the coming week are listed below with the tournament links. Please note that you will need to be logged in to to view the relevant events and to the relevant platform ( or lichess) to register. You can register for events one hour before the start time, or you can register now for lichess events.

DatePlatform/ ClubEvent and link (Stream 🎙 ▶) FormatTime Control
5-00 pm on Friday 18th June🐴
Lichess Mega A Team Battle  120 minute team battle at 3| 0,🔥
8-00 pm on Friday 18th June♟chess.comFriday Evening Diamond Blitz *90 minute Arena at 10|0 🔥
3-00 pm on Saturday 19th June🐴
England v Turkey Friendly – III  90 minute team battle at 3| 0,🔥
6-00 pm on Saturday 19th June
Nations League England v Jamaica – Rapid Leg Team match minimum of 10 boards – 2 games on each board at 15|2 blitz 🔥
7-15 pm on Saturday 19th June
Nations League England v Jamaica – Blitz Leg Team match minimum of 10 boards – 2 games on each board at 3|2 rapid 🐇
8-00 pm on Saturday 19th June🐴 Saturday Evening Rapid 120 minute Arena at 10 | 2🐇
7-00 pm on Sunday 20th June🐴 Quarantane League Liga 3B (🎙 ▶) 100 minute Team Battle at 3|2 (10 teams, 7 leaders)🔥
8-00 pm on Sunday 20th June
Sunday Evening Rapid 5 Round Swiss at 10 | 2🐇
2-00 pm on Monday 21st June🐴
Monday Afternoon Blitz  7 round Swiss at 5| 2,🔥
5-30 pm on Tuesday 22nd June♟
👩‍🏫 Tuesday Afternoon Improvers U1600 Rapid   4 Round U1600 Swiss at 10| 2,🔥
6-30 pm on Tuesday 22nd June🐴
🏆 Champions League  120 minute team battle at 3| 0,🔥
8-00 pm on Wednesday 23rd Wednesday Evening Rapid 9 round Swiss at 3|2🔥
2-00 pm on Thursday 24th June♟ Thursday Afternoon Blitz
7 round Swiss at 5|2 🔥

🎙 ▶ Commentary and Streaming – GM Matthew Sadler and WIM Natasha Regan generally cover a selection of the ECF events with their excellent commentary on the games. These are broadcast on their Youtube Game Changer Channel here:

Game Changer Chess

and also on the ECF twitch commentary channel here:

Twitch ECF Commentary

– where the team are joined by a selection of guest streamers.

Prizes * The Friday Diamond Blitz currently includes prizes of a one month diamond membership upgrade for the winner of the tournament and also for the highest placed player with a starting rating under 1400 where the players are not already diamond members

Rating ECF members club and lichess English Chess Players tournaments are al ECF online rated except for Internationals. Ratings are published in the ECF monthly lists in the month following the events. ECF online ratings are completely separate from OTB grades which are not impacted.

National Events

You can find further details of the National Championship and events at the link below including the May 2020 English Online Blitz Championships, the Covid-19 Marathon the English Counties Online and the National Clubs Championships.

ECF National Events


Our clubs take part in International Events against other National and Federation teams on and lichess.

We are currently playing in lichess International Leagues including the Bundesliga / Quarantane League on Sunday and Thursday evenings, the Champions League on Tuesdays, the Russia big game series with fortnightly matches and the Mega Team Battle on Friday afternoons.

We are also playing in Season 3 on Sunday evenings Sunday afternoon or evenings. Fixtures are updated on this page as they are scheduled with further details at the link below.