Live CheLive Chess European League

Live Chess European League Season 6 (2022-2023)

We played in Division 2 for Season 6 finishing in first place, with final standings and cross-table as below.

Live Chess European League Season 5 (2022)

Season 5 of the LCEL starts on 7th February 2022.

England will take part with a team from the ECF Open Club with support from Team England Live adminstrators.

There are four divisions in the league – Premier Division and Divs 1-3. The England Team played in Division 1

Division 1 (minimum 12 boards are required for Blitz, Bullet and Rapid):

Matches are based on 3 team challenges – each with two games against the opposing board as follows:

 Bullet 2min+1sec
 Blitz 5min+2sec
 Rapid 10min+2sec

Entry will be open to all members of the ECF team on –