English Online County Finals Viewing

FINALS NIGHT 6:30pm, 22nd August 2020

You can follow the games in each of the Finals live from the hyperlinks below.   These will be active once the games start at 6:30 pm.

For each group of games simply toggle between the tabs below the live board to change games. 

To view a different group of games you will need to close the previous Chess.com live window.

Please note that these facilities should not be used by players during their live games as the opening of a second live window may cause your game window to disconnect and lose you the game. 

Spectators need to be logged in to chess.com and should open only one link at a time to avoid multiple live windows. When you have finished viewing a set of boards you should therefore close the chess.com game tabs and live window with the boards you have been looking at before opening another link.

Open: Lincolnshire v Northumberland   O Top 6   O   Bottom 6
U1825: Essex v Lincolnshire  U  Top 6   U   Bottom 6
Major Open: Devon v Yorkshire    Mj Top 6   Mj Bottom 6
Open Challengers: Middlesex B v Oxfordshire      C   Top 8     C Middle 8 C   Bottom 8
Minor Open: Somerset v Worcestershire    Mi Top 6      Mi Bottom 6
U1825 Challengers: Norfolk v Greater Manchester    UC Top 7   UC Bottom 6