ECF Online Chess

This is the home page for the ECF Online Chess Service which allows members and supporters to take part in regular ECF internet chess tournaments and events and to receive an ECF online rating.

Join ECF Online Chess Clubs

The ECF has set up clubs across different internet chess provider platforms with joining open to all ECF members and supporters. You can join one or more of our clubs here:

Join ECF Online Clubs

Play in Regular Tournaments

We run a regular schedule of ECF Club tournaments every week with rapid and blitz time controls. You can register for and play in upcoming tournaments here:

Results from Previous Club Events

You can see details of previous events in 2019 and 2020 in the results pages here grouped by month. The result pages show details of pairing and results for each of our club events.

Previous Tournaments

Play in regular ECF Tournaments and Events


The ECF online clubs also take part in federation endorsed international events against other federations and national clubs. You can find further details including the results of a recent tournament here:

International Events

Play in ECF International Events

Receive an ECF Online Rating

ECF club games are rated based on results to provide a 4 digit ECF online rating. The Ratings Search Page provides details of test ratings for ECF beta club tournaments and can be found here:

Official ECF Online ratings will be published monthly per time control (ie Rapid or Blitz) based on events from our go live in January 2020 onwards, with the first official lists published in February or March 2020.

ECF Online ratings will be completely separate from and will not impact your ECF OTB ratings.

Receive an ECF Online Rating