Join ECF Online Clubs

Joining ECF Clubs

You can join any or all of the ECF Online Clubs as a member or supporter. ECF Clubs have been established with a number of internet chess providers with landing pages as below. ECF Members Club

As an ECF member or supporter you should login to, go to the club landing page above, fill in the form with your member details and pin, and hit the orange joining button. Your request will then be processed.

Lichess English Chess Players Club

As an ECF member or supporter you should login to lichess, go to the club landing page as above, and complete the authentication form with your member details and PIN, after which you will be joined automatically.

In both cases you will need to provide your ECF Membership number (ME followed 6 digits) together with your internet PIN. You can access your PIN by logging in to your ECF JustGo membership account here and going to your profile/ member details page, or by filling in the form below to receive your PIN by email to the ECF registered address.

PIN Reminder Form (Beta)

Enter your Surname

Enter your registered email address

ECF Clubs and Teams are open to ECF members or supporters with accounts on one of the supported internet provider platforms.

Joining the ECF

If you are not already an ECF member or supporter you can join the ECF from as little as £5 per year. Full joining details can be found here:

Registering for Provider Accounts

You can register for a provider account on their registration pages at:

Safeguarding – If you are setting up an account for your child on or lichess, the ECF strongly recommends that you consider setting the account up with messaging and chat disabled. This can be done by setting your child’s account up in safe mode on and/ or ‘kid mode’ on lichess.

Once you are logged in, safe mode can be enabled from the account settings/ privacy option here:

With lichess, kid mode can be set up from the account preferences/ kid mode option here:

Please note that the lichess terms of service require that juniors under 16 can only use Lichess with kid mode permanently enabled or with parental/guardian supervision and consent.

The ECF’s Safeguarding Policy can be found here:

ECF Safeguarding Policy

Fair Play – Players in ECF online events should be aware of and abide by the ECF Online fair play guidelines and rules which are designed to support our players by minimising the occurrence of cheating in ECF online events.

Please follow the link below for details of our fair play and anti-cheating guidelines and rules, currently at version 2-3 (July 2021).