English Youth Online Championships 2020

The ECF English Youth Online Championships will take place on Saturday 30th May. There will be three Swiss Tournament for different age groups as follows.


Under 12 Cadets Blitz Championship (born 2008 or later)

1400 – 1600 Blitz Game/3 + 2’’ 9 rounds

Under 18 Youth Blitz Championship (born 2002 or later)

1700 – 1815 Blitz Game/3 11 rounds

Under 18 Youth Bullet Championship (born 2002 or later)

1900 – 1930 Bullet Game/1 15 rounds


The tournament links for the events are here:
Under 12 Blitz from 2pm: https://lichess.org/swiss/dqkuffpH
Under 18 Blitz from 5pm: https://lichess.org/swiss/0u6hSd5t
Under 18 Bullet from 7pm: https://lichess.org/swiss/KeZpWslJ


Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each competition with category prizes for younger juniors in each each event.

Players can win a maximum of two trophies per tournament: One for finishing in the top three places, and one of the additional prizes.

Rules – Please see the detailed competition rules at the link here:

Entries – Please note that further entries for this event are now closed (as of Saturday 30th at 10-30 am).

Safeguarding – If you are setting up an account for your child on chess.com or lichess, the ECF strongly recommends that you consider setting the account up with messaging and chat disabled. This can be done by setting your child’s account up in safe mode on chess.com and/ or ‘kid mode’ on lichess.

Once you are logged in, Chess.com safe mode can be enabled from the account settings/ privacy option here:


With lichess, kid mode can be set up from the account preferences/ kid mode option here: