English Women’s International Team Battle – 18.30 – 28th May and 4th June

The English Women’s team took part in an Online International Women’s Competition against a number of European National teams with the first round on Thursday 28th May and the second round on Thursday 4th June at 18.30 British Summer Time.

WGM Jovanka Houska was the England team captain for the events which were played over 20 boards for purposes of the team score but with larger numbers participating from a number of European nations.

The events were played at a time limit of 5 minutes with 2 second increment on Lichess in team battle format.

Round 1 Report – 28th May

The link for last week’s Round 1 event is as below with a further link to the stream provided by Jovanka on her twitch TV channel.



Round 1 was played at 6-30 UK time Thursday 28th with two group stage matches (Groups A and B). England was in Group B with the English team playing against teams from: Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Portugal. The Group B event was extremely well attended with around 650 players in total from the 5 nations and more than 100 women and girls in the English contingent. Scores were based on the 20 top scoring players in each team. We finished a close second to the Austrian team with the results as follows:



Czech Republic








Round 2 – Finals – 4th June

As above we came second in round 1 qualifying for the top group of 5 nations on 4th June where the England team played against Germany, France, Austria, and Hungary. The final was won by the German team with the French team in second. We came third just keeping our lead against the Austrian team to overturn the previous weeks order and ahead of the Hungarian team in 5th.

An outstanding result for the England Women’s team in the inaugural lichess Womens team battle against nine other European federations across the two rounds. The match links can be found here along with Jovanka’s commentary.



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