Events during February rated in the March List


The ‘February’ events list covers new events which have been submitted and processed up to end of February for the March list.

 Club Events members club    
4th Febchess.comThursday Afternoon Blitz | 2⚔ Blitz
5th Febchess.comFriday Evening Slow Blitz|0⚔ Blitz
7th Febchess.comSunday Evening Rapid|2🐇 Rapid
11th Febchess.comThursday Afternoon Slow Blitz|2⚔ Blitz
12th Febchess.comFriday Evening Slow Blitz|0⚔ Blitz
14th Febchess.comSunday Evening Rapid|10🐇 Rapid
18th Febchess.comThursday Afternoon Slow Blitz|2🐇 Rapid
19th Febchess.comFriday Evening Slow Blitz|0⚔ Blitz
21st Febchess.comSunday Evening Rapid|10🐇 Rapid
25th Febchess.comThursday Afternoon Slow Blitz|2🐇 Rapid
26th Febchess.comFriday Evening Slow Blitz|0⚔ Blitz
28th Febchess.comSunday Evening Rapid|2🐇 Rapid
  lichess members club     
1st FeblichessMonday Afternoon Blitz|2⚔ Blitz
3rd FeblichessWednesday Evening Blitz|2⚔ Blitz
6th FeblichessSaturday Evening Slow Blitz|0🐇 Rapid
8th FeblichessMonday Afternoon Blitz|2⚔ Blitz
10th FeblichessWednesday Evening Blitz|2⚔ Blitz
13th FeblichessSaturday Evening Slow Blitz|2🐇 Rapid
15th FeblichessMonday Afternoon Blitz|2⚔ Blitz
17th FeblichessWednesday Evening Blitz|2⚔ Blitz
20th FeblichessSaturday Evening Rapid|0🐇 Rapid
22nd FeblichessMonday Afternoon Blitz|2⚔ Blitz
24th FeblichessWednesday Evening Blitz|2⚔ Blitz
27th FeblichessSaturday Evening Rapid|0🐇 Rapid
  Juniors Club     
11th Feblichess7th blitz Open Arena|5🐇 Rapid
11th Feblichess7th blitz Max 1600 Arena|5🐇 Rapid
11th Feblichess7th blitz Max 1800 Arena|5🐇 Rapid
11th Feblichess7th blitz Max 1400 Arena|5🐇 Rapid
28th FeblichessBeverley Championships Challenge 🐢 Standard
07 Feb and 21 FeblichessWest of England Counties Championships Challenge60|15🐢 Standard
07 Feb and 21 Feblichess2nd Cornwall Online U2100 Challenge45|15🐢 Standard
07 Feb and 21 Feblichess2nd Cornwall Online U1625 Challenge45|15🐢 Standard
4, 11, 18 and 27 Feb lichessBude u125 APA Challenge45|15🐢 Standard
FeblichessEssex Chess Association Exol Rapid Open Challenge10|5🐇Rapid
FeblichessEssex Chess Association EXOL Rapid U1600 Challenge10|5🐇Rapid
  Five Counties    
Feblichess5 Counties Div 1 –Winter|15🐢 Standard
Feblichess5 Counties Div 2 – Dec|15🐢 Standard
Feblichess5 Counties Div 3 -Dec|15🐢 Standard
  4NCL Spring Congress    
Feblichess4NCL Feb Congress Open|30🐢 Standard
Feblichess4NCL Feb Congress 2000|30🐢 Standard
Feblichess4NCL Feb Congress U1700|30🐢 Standard
Feblichess4NCL Feb Congress U1400|30🐢 Standard
Feblichess4NCL Feb Congress U1100|30🐢 Standard
  4NCL League (Season 3)    
Feblichess4NCL|15🐢 Standard
FeblichessJ4NCL|5🐇 Rapid
  Golden Falcons    
3rd FeblichessGolden Falcons  Blitz Swiss|2⚔ Blitz
5th FeblichessGolden Falcons Rapid Swiss|5🐇 Rapid
FeblichessGuildford Open APA Challenge45|15🐢 Standard
FeblichessHammersmith Sledgehammer 🐢 Standard
FeblichessHammersmith Rockhammer 🐇 Rapid
  Hampstead Congress    
JanTorneloHampstead Congress Open|30🐢 Standard
JanTorneloHampstead Congress u1700|30🐢 Standard
FebTorneloHampstead Congress Open|30🐢 Standard
FebTorneloHampstead Congress u1700|30🐢 Standard
FeblichessHillingdon District League Team Swiss   🐢 Standard
  Junior Masters    
17th Jan, 31 Jan and 14th FeblichessWinter Cup Challenge Qualifiers|5🐇 Rapid
Feblichess.orgManchester Champs 🐇 Rapid
Marlichess.orgManchester Champs 🐇 Rapid
Aprlichess.orgManchester Champs 🐇 Rapid
Maylichess.orgManchester Champs 🐇 Rapid
Junlichess.orgManchester Champs 🐇 Rapid
  North East    
Feblichess.orgDivision 1|15🐢 Standard
Feblichess.orgDivision 2|15🐢 Standard
Feblichess.orgDivisions 3 and Div X|15🐢 Standard
Feblichess.orgSecond Mike Duck Online Tournament tournament 🐢 Standard
Feblichess.orgShropshire Individual Championship|15🐢 Standard
Feblichess.orgShropshire Minor Individual Championship|15🐢 Standard
Feblichess.orgShropshire League|15🐢 Standard
  Thames Valley    
Feblichess.orgThames Valley Div 1|15🐢 Standard
Feblichess.orgThames Valley Div 2|15🐢 Standard
Feblichess.orgThames Valley Next Gen|15🐢 Standard
Feblichess.orgUxbridge Champs 🐢 Standard
Feblichess.orgUxbridge Champs 🐇 Rapid
Feblichess.orgOL Club Championship|15🐢 Standard
Feblichess.orgOL Warriors Swiss R2|5🐇 Rapid
Feblichess.orgOnline 2021 Junior New Year|5🐇 Rapid
  West Midlands Area Online League – October    
Febchess.comSummer League Div 1 Team15|10🐇Standard
Febchess.comSummer League Div 2 Team15|10🐇Standard
Feblichess.orgWilsons Tuesday Swiss Challenge10|2🐇 Rapid