ECF North v ECF South – Match Day

North v South

The historic North v South match is scheduled for 6-30 on Saturday 5th September on

Registration is now closed but further details can be found at the club home pages here.


The board pairings can be found in the board finder here – currently at version 3. Please make sure you check back on this page to make sure you have the latest version before the match starts as there may be changes during the day.

Commentary and Viewing

Commentary – There will be a live commentary from Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan on their youtube channel here:

Youtube Game Changer

Fixtures – The fixtures and results will also be available in LMS with interactive match cards here for spectator viewing:

Viewing Guide – When you reach the live matchcard, identify the games you would like to follow. Click on the board number TV icon of the first and you will be taken to the live game for that board. Go back to the matchcard (or a different one) and click on the second game. A new tab in your browser will open which you should then close as does not allow multiple live windows. In the first tab opened, you will see that both games chosen appear as tabs below the board, so you can toggle between the two. Repeat the process to add additional boards. If you reduce your screen font size (using the zoom option in Windows settings) the size of the tabs reduces so that more can be displayed. If you wish to view others or change your mind close one or more of the tabs below the viewing board and select the replacement(s) from one of the matchcards.

Match Report

Honour was restored to the North of England after a 126 wait in the oldest counties challenge of them all with a victory over the South of England in the North v South Challenge, particularly across the top 20 boards where the North held a significant and decisive grading advantage. 

GM Matthew Sadler & WIM Natasha Regan provided the live commentary.

You can find full details at the link below:

This put the overall score in the longest running competition at 2-1 to the South based on the their wins in 1893 and 1894, followed after a short interval by the North win in 2020.