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March 2020 List


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This page provides access to the ECF online ratings lists. The lists are updated on a monthly basis based on ECF online club games up to the end of the previous month.

Enter your surname (or part of your surname) to retrieve online club player details with current and previous online rapid and blitz ratings based on events from go-live in January to end of February.

Alternatively enter club name (or part club name) to show matching clubs and online ratings for club members who have joined the ECF online club(s).

You can also use the top players button to see a list of the top 25 highest rated ECF online club members.

Rating Calculation

ECF Online Ratings are four digit elo numbers calculated using the monthly grading formula published on the ECF web site here – Monthly Grading.

An initial seed has been used based on ECF OTB rapidplay grades converted to elo numbers, or standard rating where no rapidplay rating is available or for ungraded players the initial ratings are based on the players internet provider rating at the start of the period.

Internet ratings are provided separately for rapid games (Game in 11 mins to Game in 29 mins) and blitz games ( Game in 3+2 mins to Game in 10 mins), and are calculated using the standard elo formula applied to online games between ECF club members.

ECF Internet ratings are based on internet club/ team games only and are completely separate from ECF OTB ratings which will not be impacted by internet games.)

March 2020 Ratings

This is the March list based on ECF Members and English players club events between 8th January and 29th February 2020. The ECF internet ratings will be published monthly at the start of the month going forwards based on games played up to the end of the previous month.

Any revisions to the list will usually appear later in each month and in advance of the next month’s list.

Beta Test Ratings (July – Dec 2019)

Beta test ratings from 2019 can be found in the archive here:

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