International Weekend – March

International Weekend – 14th -15th March 2020

Our lichess English Players team took part in the Cup of Nations team battle over the weekend of 14th and 15th March.

We started the weekend with a convincing win in our Cup of Nations group stage match. on Saturday afternoon.

We won the team battle by some margin (results as above), despite a fighting performance from Kiasalim8 – an Iranian player who was leading the Tartarstan team and a late run from the Japanese team. Many thanks to everyone who joined the team to make sure we got through to the final!

The final was played at 2-00 pm on Sunday afternoon. We won the cup last month and were looking to retain it. This was always going to be a tough match with a very strong Bangladesh team.

There were nine national teams taking part in all (Arab Team, Bangladesh, England, Mongolia, Tartarstan, Russia, Spain, Japan, Nigeria, Team World). As with the group stage this was a one hour arena Blitz event with a 3|0 time control. Players were paired with players from opposing teams as they completed games.

We fielded a team of 14 players including two titled players. Our average rating was 2066 but we were up against even stronger Arab and Bangladesh teams.

We held our own as joint leaders with the Bangladesh team for some time but after about half an hour the Arab team pulled ahead and we settled into third place. where we finished the event.

A tough final and not the result we were hoping for but we will be back next month to retrieve our cup!