Live Chess World League Season 10

Live Chess World League Season 10

Season 10 of the LCWL starts on 10th September 2022.

England is again taking part with a team from the ECF Open Club with support from Team England Live administrators.

There are five divisions in the league. England are in Division 4W with each round consisting of a blitz (5|2) and a rapid (10|2) match with two games against the opposing team in each match.

The competition consists of 10 rounds split into two stages stage 1 which runs as a seven round all play all within an eight team division and stage 2 where each team plays the other three teams in their half of the division. Matches are played weekly on Sundays with stage 1 due to complete by 13th November.

Matches are based on2 team challenges – each with two games against the opposing board as follows:
 Blitz 5min+2sec
 Rapid 10min+2sec

Entry will be open to all members of the ECF team on –

Division 4W Teams

(Minimum 15 boards are required for Blitz and Rapid to avoid defaults):

English Chess Federation
Team Belgium
Team Bulgaria
Team Colombia
El Salvador
Team Puerto Rico and Olivari friends
Team Nicaragua
Team Bolivia

Matches start from September 10th. Our first fixture is England v Belgium at 6-30 pm on Saturday 10th September.