England Women’s Team

The England Women’s club is captained by Jovanka Houska and can be found here including full details of upcoming events.


The club is very well subscribed and runs a regular schedule of weekly events with some major events being planned.

The team took part in two Online International Women’s team battles on lichess against a number of European National teams on 28th May and 4th June at 6-30 pm. We qualified for the top group in the finals and finished third in the event.

You can find full details and event reports here: English Women’s Team Battle

The team has now entered for the lichess Nations league competition and plays in the weekly Open and Women’s International events every Saturday. The next team battle will be on 27th June.

To take part in ECF Women and girls events you will need to have an account on lichess and apply to join the lichess women and girls team here:

The ECF strongly recommends that parents of juniors wishing to join lichess consider setting up their child’s account in lichess ‘kid mode’ which should disable chat and messaging.

With lichess, kid mode can be set up from the account preferences/ kid mode option here: